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Sri Ma Vidyalaya CBSE Senior Secondary School is a K-12 education school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education.

The school is a home to plenteous activities that are aimed to enable holistic, all round growth & development in children.

Students have an opportunity to engage in any of the below mentioned activities either during school or beyond school hours*.

  • Cricket
  • Athletics
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Gymnastics
  • Table Tennis
  • Karate
  • Taekwondo
  • Kickboxing
  • Chess
  • Mallakhamb
  • Yoga
  • Bharatnatyam
  • Kathak
  • Tabla
  • Harmonium
  • Keyboards
  • Guitar
  • Hindustani Vocals
  • Volleyball
  • Military Training
  • Skating (Roller & Ice [Practice on Synthetic])

*Conditions Apply

From the Principal's Desk

Sri Ma Vidyalaya CBSE is a Senior Secondary School serving students from Nursery to Standard 12. It is a part of the Sri Ma Group of Institutions founded by Divine Mother Sri Tara Ma, Founder of Sri Tara Ma Mission.

Sri Ma Vidyalaya CBSE emphasizes upon all round development of children. The school nurtures not just scholastic growth but also engenders in children love for sports, games, music, dance & arts. This brings about a holistic development in children & builds in them a zeal for life from their formative years itself.

Large sports grounds, dedicated spaces for all kinds of activities, plethora of qualified coaches & instructors make for a very healthy ecosystem in which children thrive!

Sri Ma Vidyalaya CBSE follows a value-rich curriculum so as to inculcate life-values in children right from an early age. Stotras & hymns, stories from ancient texts, life-sketches of distinguished personalities, from the near as also distant past, etal form an integral part of the study framework at Sri Ma Vidyalaya CBSE.

To make children model citizens of the world is the goal of every educator in Sri Ma Vidyalaya CBSE. To this end we all remain ever committed & assume the role of parents-on-campus for each of our students.

The School

The primary goal of education must be to help children come face to face with the infinite power functioning behind the universe

Divine Mother Sri Tara Ma

Our Activities

  • Yoga
  • Societies
  • Music & Dance
  • Sports & Games
  • Fine Arts
  • Crafts & Miniatures

Know Us

Sri Ma Vidyalaya CBSE, located in Patlipada, Thane - West, is a reputed Senior Secondary school affiliated to the CBSE, New Delhi.

It is a part of the Sri Ma Group of Institutions, founded by Divine Mother Sri Tara Ma. Sri Ma Group of Institutions has been imparting value based education since 1975. Sri Ma Vidyalaya was instituted in the year 2002.

  • Sri Ma Group
    of Institutions
  • Digital Classrooms for all Standards (Nursery-12)
  • CBSE since 2017
    (Previously State Board)
  • E-learning from
    TATA Classedge


Affiliation Number-1130769.
Please enter above number in below site to verify affiliation status: https://saras.cbse.gov.in/cbse_aff/schdir_Report/userview.aspx
We cater to classes starting from Nursery to Standard 12. We offer Science & Commerce with special subjects for classes 11 & 12.
The school has plenty of extra-curricular activities to choose from. Varieties of sports, games, music, dance & arts are promoted in the school.
Sri Ma Vidyalaya CBSE promotes participation in different exams, contests, quizzes etc. that are competitive in nature & are conducted by verified organizations all over the nation. The students of the school take part in natl. & intl. olympiads, scholarship tests etc.
Don't worry, we have a solution for that! All activities conducted in Sri Ma Vidyalaya CBSE are available for coaching/training/instruction beyond school hours (before or after) under the brand name SRI MA GURUKUL. Additional fees or charges are payable for activities beyond school hours.
Yes! Students can opt for say Activity-1 during school hours (which is covered in the school curriculum) & opt for any number of additional activities (Activity 2-Activity N) in Sri Ma Gurukul.
The school is adequately staffed with well qualified, trained teachers. The student teacher ratio is being maintained at 1:45 for all classes.
The school mainly prescribes NCERT textbooks but intersperses private publications too to enhance the quality of education being provided to students.
Books & uniforms are to be purchased separately. Their cost is not included in the school fees.
Yes, the school provides school bus service. School bus fees is to be paid separately & is not included in the School Fees. School bus fees varies according to stops & routes.
The School Bus service is fully owned & operated by the school. A separate School Bus office has been placed near the entrance gate (adjacent to the Canteen) for ease of information to parents. Managers & Office executives in the office are equipped to provide every bit of information required by parents & students.

All RTO norms relating to School Buses have been adhered to scrupulously. Besides being BS6 compliant, all safety measures including Emergency alarms, Fire alarms & First aid kits have been provided.

In addition to the above, the school has exclusively placed minimum 5 & maximum 6 cameras per bus as per the size of the vehicle.

2/3 Face Recognition cameras have been placed inside whereas 3 regular cameras have been placed on the outer body of the bus.

There is also a RFID cum Biometric machine at the entrance for the sake of attendance & access control.

The driver has been additionally provided with a reverse camera system that will also display the route map of the bus.

Any unauthorized deviation of route (Geo-Fence Breach) will trigger an alarm in the exclusice School Bus CCTV Control Center in the school bus office within the school premises.

Every bus has been provided a Caretaker & a Conductor who will at all times carry an exclusive Smartphone to be in easy contact with parents as also the school authorities.

Every Bus Driver is also provided with an exclusive Two-way Communication Radio for instant contact with the Control Center at School.

Sri Ma Vidyalaya CBSE has an exclusive CCTV Control & Bus Command Center for maximum control over the School Bus operations.

Caretakers in buses are ALWAYS Women whereas in most instances Conductors are also women. Male conductors are also provided in some buses.

Monday to Friday

Nursery: 11:30 am to 02:30 pm

Jrkg: 11:30 am to 02:30 pm

Srkg: 08:00 am to 11:00 am

Std 1 to 5: 01:15 pm to 06:00 pm

Std 6 to 10: 07:10 am to 01:00 pm

We have an All-Women housekeeping & Caretaking staff whom we call Aunties.

Sri Ma Vidyalaya CBSE & Sri Ma Gurukul are adequately guarded by Security Personnel.

Male as well as Female security guards are present round the clock for the safety & security of students. Male security guards or male peons are not allowed entry into student areas of the buildings during school hours.

Exclusive Gate Assistants too are placed at each gate to make the experience for visiting parents or relatives smooth & hassle free while at the same time maintaining top notch security for students.

Oh yes! Forgot to mention that! The school is under 24 hr CCTV surveillance.

There are in total 200 cameras constantly monitoring the campus. An exclusive CCTV Control & Command Center (Distinct from the School Bus CCTV center) under the able stewarship of a Safety & Security Inspector is being run in order to be on top of information & trigger events within the school premises.

The school is constantly evolving this technology in order to provide greater insights to operations handling. Face Recognition CCTV cameras have also been installed to aid the attendance function.

For the last 11 years all classrooms in all schools of the Sri Ma Group of Institutions have been equipped with Ultra Short Throw High End projectors alongwith Interactive Technology & High Speed Internet. The same are now being gradually upgraded to 75" Interactive Flat Panel display technology.

A parent app called Star Sri Ma is also on its way as an effective single point tech-tool for parents & students in their relationship with the school.

No, the classrooms in Sri Ma Vidyalaya CBSE, Thane, are not AirConditioned. The classrooms have adequate fans & are well ventilated &lit.

No, the School Buses are not Air Conditioned.